Apple Refuses to Fix Smokers’ Computers, Suggest Customers

This is just too good to not post. Had to be sure it was not an Onion article. (Thank you to James over at Ashtray for sending this to me).

The Consumerist blog has posted two accounts of Apple customers who turned in their computers for service only to be told that the Applecare warranties were voided due to secondhand smoke. In both cases, Apple employees reportedly refused to work on the machines because of either the “health risks of second hand smoke” or else a “bio-hazard” threat.

“They informed me that [my son’s] computer can’t be worked on because it’s contaminated,” one of the readers wrote to Consumerist. “When I asked for an explanation, she said he’s a smoker and it’s contaminated with cigarette smoke which they consider a bio-hazard!”

This stuff is just too good to make up. One might wonder if Apple is working on manipulating their customer base until they fit some sort of desired profile not unlike Lululemon (article here) discouraging the unslim from wearing their clothes.


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  • Orbdragon  On May 15, 2010 at 10:24 am

    Because it was a biohazard? Isn’t a biohazard defined as a pathogen? I had no idea that smoke was alive! What a fool I’ve been!



  • […] The third hand smoke nonsense is particularly dear to us here as we responded (quite some time prior to this blog’s existence) to the Journal of Pediatrics article when it came out. At the time, we had noticed how fast and furiously this story spread throughout the news media and the blogs. It was as though so many had been waiting for this, just like someone suddenly getting some small evidence of what previously rated as little more than a conspiracy theory. You could hear the “I knew it” s resounding throughout the land. Perhaps the most risible of the follow up stories was of Apple techs refusing to touch smokers’ computers. […]

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