Victim of the culture whores

I really dislike both Paris and Perez Hilton.

In fact, and though you may think I am being hyperbolic or fatuous, I really do think that culturally, they are corrosive elements, and personally, they diminish my quality of life. I would rather spend a day in a room blue with second hand smoke than a day in a room with either one of them.

Now I could join an anti-Hilton group, I could start a website devoted to disparaging them, and I could advocate for all public parks to be declared off limits to either one of them. But I don’t.

Because like most people, I am a reasonable human being.

Paris or Perez Hilton have just as much right to be in a public park as I do, even though I find their presence much more disturbing (and much more of a certain threat to my culture) than any number of smokers.

– Paul L. Bergen

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