On who writes these posts….

There has been some confusion about who writes which posts.

Though all the contributing authors are listed on the sidebar, the specific author of a post only shows up when the post is selected, and not when it is read as part of the general blog. (Since I, Paul, usually encounter these posts on my Google Reader where the author is prominently displayed below the title I was unaware that the authorship designation was elsewhere so discrete.)

If any of the authors on the side are selected, their contributions will come up as a group.

Unless I discover a more elegant solution (within the parameters of a free service) we will probably start explicitly stating authorship either on the first or last line.

I, and we, apologize for any confusion this has caused in the past.

addendum: BTW we are going back and adding an author line to the bottom of each of the posts past (this will take a few days (not priority) but it will get done). -PLB

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