New Four Country E-cigarette Survey Published

I’ll get back to the Bad Apple post but this is worth publicizing (noticed it on Michael Siegel’s Rest of the Story).

The citation is Adkison SE, et al. Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: International Tobacco Control Four-Country Survey. Am J Prev Med. March, 2013 (article here).

If you go to the article and take a look at Table 1 (awareness and use of e-cigarettes among smokers) you will see how smokers are faring in countries where e-cigarettes are essentially banned (Canada and Australia). While the awareness of e-cigarettes was substantially lower in Canada, the real difference comes in how many smokers actually tried them (roughly half compared to America). The real killer (and it is unfortunate that that does really describe the end result) is that the percentage of Canadians who tried vaping and then became users is about the same as the percentage of Americans.

In other words, it is equally attractive and effective for users in both countries but in Canada the current restrictions (not surprisingly) lessen the number of how many smokers know about e-cigarettes and thus how many try them and how many will switch from smoking. Thus current policy serves to maintain higher national smoking numbers than would naturally occur.

And by naturally I mean if e-cigarettes were as available as cigarettes.

There is a lot more meat to chew over in the article and I do encourage everyone to read it over. The one sour note I find on a cursory first scan through is the final line of the conclusion: “If credible evidence can be provided that ENDS reduces the number of cigarette smokers and does not attract use among nonsmokers, then the net public health effect is likely to be positive”.

Its been quite clear for some time that the level of risk associated with vaping is so much lower than that with smoking that if everyone vaped rather than anyone smoke the net public health effect would be overwhelmingly positive.

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  • Greg Quigley  On February 8, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I am canadian, and vaping has been my choice rather than smoking for quite some time now. I smoked cigarettes for many years and have finally taken notice of the negative effects that they were having on my health and stamina. since I’ve been vaping instead of using analog cigarettes~ I can breathe much easier and have a lot more energy to do things now. I cannot begin to explain how much better e-cigs have made me feel, and dont understand why the government here wants to keep smokers~~smokers and not defend a clear and effective way to kick that filthy habit. I have tried nicotine patches gum and mints that were supposed to help~~ all of which failed and now finally found something that does work and the authorities want to block heir usage in this country. Any time that something new can be introduced to help a person who smokes (like me) who’s willpower alone is to weak KILL THE HABIT but with e-cigs help have been making an honest effort to completety walk away from a lousy habit that peer-pressure made me start..!! Greg

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