Onto new pastures

Given that this venue originated when the authors were all working together at the University of Alberta but now have diverged (while still sharing the common goal) it makes sense to change venues as well.

I have copied all my posts onto a new blog (Canadian Vapers News & Opinions (same twitter feed)) and hope readers will follow me there.

The title reflects my growing involvement with ECTA and a desire to bring more attention to the Canadian scene. As the first post indicates I will still cast afield since there isn’t always domestic news and because tobacco harm reduction is a global concern. The battles being fought in the EU and America do have repercussions (ideological and possibly legal) in Canada.

Thank you for the great feedback to date and I hope to see you at the new digs.

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  • Carl V Phillips  On March 7, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Just for the record, this blog will remain extant and any of the past authors are free to post here if they want to use a THR venue that is entirely separate from CASAA (me), ECTA (Paul), etc. I am not sure whether anyone will be around to read it, of course (presumably it will be publicized by the author).

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